With the development of technologies, the world of real estate marketing has been changing. Agents not only use flyers to advertise their listings, but also make us of internet to get more potential clients online. Focusing on appealling real estate photos or videos is what most agents are doing. And using Drones as a helpful tool to create the most attractive photos or video is what agents should make use of.
“ Experts have already found 83% of clients prefer to work with afents using drones “

So What is Drone?
Drone is also named as a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). And it is a flying device which is remotely controlled by the user. Drone is constructed with multiple propellers mounted on arms and cameras mounted on them, too, to capture the photos or record the video from a certail distance.

How do real estate agents use the drones?

Drones are mostly popular for sports events, minor films…Now, it is widely used in real estate as well.
Drones are mainly used to shoot photos and video.
Photos taken by drone can help to sell 68% faster than normal photos. Furthermore, agent using real estate videos can get 73% more clients.
Aerial photos/scenes help to show the surrounding of the house, giving buyers an entire look of the listing and offering a new perspective of the property.

Pros and Cons of using a Drone in Real Estate
  • Drones allows showing the full exterior and even the surroundings, neighborhood of the listing.
  • Drone offers wider view of the house, a 360 panorama outside of the listing giving users a great experience viewing the house
  • Captureing exterior video in an easy way, helping save tons of time shooting an album of photo of the site
  • Small drones can shoot all the details of the house, even the places where you couldn’t reach.
  • Using drones, you should be aware of FAA rules for flying outdoors
  • Drones can be noisy when it is flying, make sure the sound doesn’t bother your neighbors
  • Make sure you have a good control of your drone, avoid crashing with birds or other flying objects

Drones can bring many benefits for agents if they know how to make use of it. Drones not only can capture exterior views, it also can be used to shoot internal view to show the connection between rooms. It would be a great experience if you havent done it before.