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    It depends on who is at the keyboard at the time really. For example If its me, I tend to go to the houshold property portals i.e. rightmove, hotproperty and search using their own searches.

    If its my partner she tends to type the terms "property in area name" (or something similar) into google. Now the main property portals tend to appear top here as well because alot of the independent property websites arn't developed to compete with the big portals on search engine results.

    To compete in search results you need to focus on a few things. I have listed a few standards we use in every day development.

    Firstly focus on SEO on the pages. Forget about "keywords" because they died out a long long time ago. Instead make sure the title tag and description tag is descriptive for your area

    Somone searching for London properties to buy may type in "Properties in London". So we would talor the title tags to say.

    "Properties For Sale London - BigHouse Properties"
    "Properties For Sale In North London - BigHouse Properties"
    "Properties For Sale South London - BigHouse Properties"
    "Properties For Sale and Rent In London - BigHouse Properties"

    The second reason behind why the portals appear at the top is because of "link power" i.e. When Google ranks a site it takes a look at how many sites within the same industry link through to your site. So the more sites that are willing to link to you increases your chance of appearing higher up the rankings. Be careful here though because if Google suddenly see's alot of unrelated sites linking to you it may damage your chances because it thinks you are spamming.

    Also consider adding a blog to your site and write articles answering the sort of questions that people in your area might be asking about properties, Google enjoys pages that have alot of text rich content. Thats why when you type in a question into Google it is mainly blogs that appear in the results. I.e. A blog title may be "When Is it A Good Time To Buy Property In Wales?"

    Usually we dont click through to an agents website until we want to organise a viewing on a property.
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      I agree, You have to compare Your Internet site with the competitors'.

      You should define your site's week points and change them.

      Depending on the pagerank, you can see the positive changes in approx. a week

      Best Regards, Laz


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        We operate an agency in central Portugal, we have clients localy and from various countries around the world, we use a combination of portals and websites, our company has 3 websites,
        one directed at the locals, (in portuguese with several translate options)
        another directed at English speakers around the world.
        a third that promotes the region we are in, with listings for our properties along with around 700 pages of info on moving abroad, buying system, planning etc, etc, all the info people moving abroad may need,

        we use about 10 property portals, with varying results, also we use right move, and sometime magazines, place in the sun etc.

        a lot of buyers use the internet as the main way to find overseas property, the local buyers not so much they normaly come into our offices.
        A guide to buying property in Portugal
        INCI Estate Agents, AMI 7856