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Marketing properties in this climate

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  • Marketing properties in this climate

    Hi all,
    New here and hoping some of you 'in the know' people can help me with some of your opinions.

    I am about to launch an elevated photography business in the UK very soon.
    For those who havent heard of the service, basically I used a 10.1 mega pixel camera on top of a 70 foot, pneumatic mast which is deployed from a vehicle.
    I can then take photos from a whole new perspective and these photos are stunning when compared to traditional photographs. They can show such things as gardens and outbuildings and even surrounding areas, commercial building photos can show car parking, loading areas and road infrastructure, all in one shot.
    Iwant to know whether commercial or residential agents would want such a service and how much they would be prepared to pay for it. I understand that we are having a downturn at the moment but I see this as an opportunity to sell a service, with no regional competition, because it is different to what agencies traditionally use and Im guessing anything that increases viewings has to be a good thing? Also is advertising space an issue for agents, in local property papers?
    Do you think that agencies would pay for such a thing as added value for the client or would they pass the cost on as an add on, taking a cut?

    I d like to stress that Being a photographer I would include interior shots in the service too.

    Your thoughts...and thank you for taking the time to read.

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    Are you going to cover the WHOLE of the UK? If not, what's your home region going to be?


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      A quick google search brought out 2 or 3 firms offering this service, one of which has a starting price of £99 + VAT.

      One in Berwickshire, one in Cornwall. Phone them up, maybe and see how much they charge, and whether you'd be competing in their home area, or if you'd be somewhere else?


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        You're competing with google map etc but sounds like it may be more detailed for larger country property.


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          Nah, it's a totally different tool from google maps....


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            Yeh its much more up close and personal. 2 dimensional photography really.
            Im in Sussex and theres no real competition unless you count a guy with a mini blimp who sends a camera up and takes hundreds of shots remotely in the hope one of them does the job! But even he goes way too high.
            So any views guys n gals?


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              Sounds like you should be targetting estate agents /homeowners over at least 500k in the country IMO. Outside London it's more common for vendors to contribute to marketing costs so pitching to estate agents so they can offer it to their clients might be a start, together with a direct approach to properties on the market.

              Maybe try the various web hosting companies too that offer floorplans, photography etc to estate agent clients who outsource their production.

              I can't see the same benefits in Central London - except for very substantial property with large gardens/backing on to communal gardens - and there may be a whole host of privacy issues if you started doing it over say, Palace Gardens.


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                Different view

                One of the things we tell our sellers is that they need to get a different perspective on their photos. Do something different to the normal front door/gate/driveway shots, make your property photo stand out from all the masses around you in the papers. This sound like a good idea to me.


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                  People are going to love anything that enables them to differentiate their properties in this climate especially, I'm sure this will go well if your marketing is up to scratch.

                  Good luck!
                  New Homes Cornwall


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                    Yeah, but they'll hate to pay for it......


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                      Googler loves to stick the boot in but he's right!

                      In these credit crunching times people want a bog standad service that gets the the job done.

                      Lets be frank. When selling a house, all you need is half a dozen photos of the front, back and a few of the inside.

                      Granted, this is a great idea for a 7 bed country pile on 5 acres, with a paddock, pool and tennis court.

                      For average joe public in his 3 bed semi, this is just a unnecessary gimmic.

                      A friend of mine is a wedding photorapher. His bookings are down.

                      Not because people aren't getting married, its because they're asking freinds / family to take the pics for them and save a few quid.

                      Sorry to be a party pooper
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                        My tip during these hard times is to save some money by taking the property photos yourself and then paying someone like Retouch Genie Ltd to do some photo retouching, editing and enhancement.

                        Any distracting household clutter can be removed, unsightly flash reflections in windows or mirrors can be reduced and the images can be made to look vibrant and eye-catching. We've been particularly impressed when getting sets of 6 or so images of the same property done, they have been able to ensure there is consistency between the images; getting the blue of the sky in two exterior shots to match for example - little touches like that all help to produce a decent group of images.


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                          Oh, dear.....

                          Move the household clutter, then take the photograph. Don't edit it out with software later.

                          If there's a flash reflection in the mirror or window, then move the camera, move the mirror or open the window. Don't edit it with software later.

                          "Edit in the camera" was (I think) a renowned photographer's phrase.... can't recall who. Maybe later.


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                            Where can we see an example of these photos? It sounds interesting, but in the current market, you don't want to be in property!