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Is my offer getting to the seller?

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  • Darth Marty
    The Agent has an obligation to send out Notification of Offer within 24 hours, not that you receive it within 24 hours.

    Definitely odd behaviour though and you should keep pressing the agent.

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  • eyeless C
    the estate agent has a legal obligation to put forward every offer at any time. you and the seller should receive written confimation of your offer within 24 hours. the agent clearly isnt doing their job so I would be tempted to put a note through the letterbox of the house you want. The estate agent still introduced you so would be able to claim the fee but if they have been negligent then im not sure if that would stand up. Surely the estate agent would want a sale at the highest price cos then he would get more commission unless the vendor was on a fixed fee. Worth a try maybe

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  • humbleone
    Put in an offer - explain to the agent that you require the offer to be presented to the vendor, and by law the agent has to write to you and them to inform them of this offer. Whilst none of us are keen on gazumping, unless the vendor has put it in writing that they do not wish to recieve further offers, (and the agent will tell you this if it is the case) then you have right to offer. Its a messy business agents want to aviod as there is always a disgruntled person at the end of it and the complaint always ends up at the door of the agent.

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  • brian
    I know what you mean - sometimes estate agents are just crap, but at the end of the day, when representing the seller they are there only to serve the interests of the seller. So if the house is getting sold regardless, they are getting the job done in some way.

    However, think in these terms - how likely is it that you could guarantee the sale if you went to buy? If the home comes up again, demand a discount on account of the fact that the selling estate agents are picking up bad sales leads.

    Rightmove only represents individual estate agents - but the agencies are usually listed with the properties - so contact the appropriate one directly if you happen to see it come up again.

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  • homeisthehunter
    started a topic Is my offer getting to the seller?

    Is my offer getting to the seller?

    My family and I have been looking for a house for about 12-18 months and not much is coming up in the area we want. So we were very keen when one that looked ideal came up. My wife went to look and offered the asking price there and then, but was told by the agent that the next person to view was a cash buyer so there was little point in offering.

    Anyway, fair enough we thought , we can't compete with that.

    But a few weeks later the house turned up on rightmove again.

    My wife phoned and was given some story about the 'cash' buyers struggling to get a mortgage and then having to release some equity. And the house was now sold again.

    I then phoned and spoke to a different person in the office and was told that the deal had fallen through the previous day and someone had seen it on rightmove in the afternoon and bought it. When asked why they did't come back to us I was told they hadn't had the chance.

    I asked if we could offer over the asking price and the agent didn't entertain the idea.

    Now, I feel that our offers just aren't being put to the seller, but also feel there's little I can do because I don't want to burnmy bridges with the agent.

    It's very frustrating, because not only are we being frozen out (which I'd accept in a fair competition) but the seller is also being denied the option of higher offers

    Anyway rant over - thanks for listening