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    Hi there,

    We're looking at starting up an Estate Agency firm, initially from home, maybe expanding once things pick up.

    My main issue is the administration part of it all. Can anyone recommend some software packages, preferably with Website integration which are good and feature rich?

    We would rather have feature rich software to begin with over a basic package which isn't very nice or useful... Obviously it's going to cost, but if I have a nice range to pick from, we can decide from there.

    Would prefer something with Website integration, but not necessary, so long as there's a nice website package available also.

    If you have experience and knowledge in this sort of thing, I'd love to hear from you.


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    Hi TheOneNOnly - if you don't mind my asking, which software options are currently available to you, and what are you looking to integrate with - ie, do you need real time processing with an Access database or similar?

    I guess what I'm really asking is how much of a standalone web application are you looking for?


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      Hi Brian, thanks for your reply.

      Currently, I'm not too sure.... we have meetings this week with a few companies for demo's and more info. Vebra being one of them (this is the one I most liked, altho, could be most expensive).

      We're loooking for something that will generally eliminate as much paperwork as possible, and make our jobs a whole lot easier/organised.

      It's more the software I'm looking at now, as website we can always have custom built/added later.


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        I'm afraid I can't help with the IT side - outside my experience here - but what I would definitely advise is that you develop a clear idea of how you would like to develop your online presence, and how any such system you use on the IT can integrate with it.

        I say this because the net is becoming a huge part of lead generation across all industries, and the home I just bought I located by scouring lots of different online vendors (your-move, rightmove, hspc, spcmoray, etc).

        However, if your IT system either doesn't allow for easy integration online, or leaves you in the hands of a third-party, you could find that not only does this create an excessive amount of extra work for the long-term, it could also mean costs you can anticipate and avoid by ensuring smooth compatibility now.

        Just thought I'd mention that.

        Anyway, best of luck with the development - I'm not sure if Property Watch is going to be much good on the general issue, but if you'd like to ask questions about general internet business issues (from development and marketing), here's a great forum for information and asking questions:

        Hope that helps.


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          Do you have a clear idea of which features you particularly want and how you will be using them? A lot of companies I have spoken to have bought software with 'all the bells and whistles' only to have training difficulties later on when taking on staff and have ended up not using most of what they have paid for or not using it effectively.


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            Im sorry i cannot help but good luck with your new business i hope all goes well for you.


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              We implemented our own solution recently - check out our site at turkey-holiday-rentals.eu - it's a full rental management solution including reservation management and payment gateways.