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Stretch ceiling

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  • Stretch ceiling

    Does anybody know about stretch ceiling, is it good or bad idea, expensive or not, where to quote for that.

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    Re: Stretch ceiling

    It seems to be a problem to find out anything about stretch ceiling experince, is it so unpopular in the UK, that's strange, because all Europe do them, but i can't ask Europe to move to the UK I meant i know about stretch ceiling just don't know does somebody installed them, share experience pls. Them are modern and nice!


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      Re: Stretch ceiling

      here some pictures...
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        Re: Stretch ceiling

        some more...
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          Re: Stretch ceiling

          my favorite...
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            Re: Stretch ceiling

            Hi, everyone who wants to find out about stretch ceiling in the Uk, I am back with news, seems no one knows about stretch ceiling, i've made a bit a rush into forums to find if some one knows about stretch, found out - sad answer - 'NO'! Here is some explanations:
            Stretch ceiling is very about modernization of the property ceilings. Consist from two components wall or perimeter track and sheet or membrane. Installed under the big heat. When cooled out - stretches and become a perfectly plain.
            Advantages of it:
            1)amazing design ideas: even waves, curves, forms, could be created on your ceiling
            2)textures, more than 100 colours and nearly about that same count of textures, lacquered, mirror, suede, silk, marble, satin, matte, translucent - ever you like, so its look like everything that can do with painting and decorating now included to simplify the ceiling creation!
            3) suits to any room, the best for kitchen and wet-room, in one word everywhere where is water and steam, them are moisture-proof, never give a place for mildew or odors,
            4) never fade crack or peel,
            5) can wash them, a bit funny for me, coz usually we washed ceiling before redo that,
            6)changable, if you tired of colour you can change it on a different one,
            7) removable, can get rid of them
            8) keeping warm, don't give your heated air leave your property,
            9) warranty 10 years, some of companies giving up to 15 years,
            10) quick on installation, plain ceiling on 20 sq meters can install for less than 6 hours, 11) no mess within installation, how messy the process is - it's of course depend on company,
            12) lighting could be installed in that, on that, under that, between that and main ceiling,
            13) the gap between stretch sheet and base ceiling minimum 3 cm, how i know plasterboard or suspended ceiling asks about 10 to 15, so this is advantage in my case, coz don't want my ceiling appear lower,
            14) can print on them everything!
            15) star sky, - at the last picture can see that, stretch ceiling repeats the form of a pool and is with small lights on it, unique!
            16) can apply on a wall.

            One disadvantage - scares of sharp objects: knife, champagne's cork, needle, fork etc.
            Most of you have a thought that it seems expensive, i thought as well, but found one guy, actually, who told me all this and more, he does installations of stretch ceiling of one of the Europe's leaders in the stretch ceiling, of course i cannot compare prices between Europe and UK, but for my 20 sq m he asked about 350k and i tend to agree. But may be someone who do plaster boarding, dry lining, whatever, or painting and decorating can tell me is that expensive or to cheap...? really count on some answers...


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              Re: Stretch ceiling

              Traditional ceilings always end up wearing, yellowing or cracking, leading to renovations that are often long and inconvenient, the stretch ceiling is an ideal low-cost alternative that will allow you to enjoy an impeccable ceiling for many years to come. It is great for finishing basements quickly and without dust.