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How much to fit a house out

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  • How much to fit a house out

    Hi, have looked for various threads on how much it would cost to fit out a house that is a shell.

    I have found a property that looks good and so far structural surveys have shown no issues with the shell itself.

    Inside it is empty, no lining, no electrics, floors are held up with supports etc, but the shell is in a fit state.

    The property has planning permission for conversion into 2 flats, one bed flat and a 3 bed 2 floor flat.

    I would look to have the whole 3 floors of the property as one house for the family (making it 4 or 5 bed).

    The thing is I can find information about building a house etc, but cant find any sites for how much to fit a shell of a building out and what type of cost I would be looking at.

    I would have about 100k at my disposal.

    Any pointers greatly accepted as this is my first look at this type of thing and I don't even know where to start

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    Re: How much to fit a house out

    You really need to contact local companies and get an idea of pricing - the information you've given is far too vague and akin to "how long is a piece of string". The work that is required will depend on the individual site's circumstances, as well as the local costs. Also bear in mind that there may yet be the chance of something else being discovered that requires further work.


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      Re: How much to fit a house out

      There are some indicitive figures that may help based on the area of your desired conversion (total of each floor in square meters).

      I would be tempted to head for a figure of around £500-1,300pm2 depending on how much you contract out/do on the cheap and the number of floors and complexity of a complete build (including the shell).

      The shell (foundation, external walls (windows & doors), & roof) itself takes up £160-500 of that therefore leaving around £340-800 pm2 for the rest of it assuming that no more work needs doing on it (and lets be honest, there's always some)

      Obviously the level of finish, makes a big impact varying from 50 pm2 up to 170 pm2 as well as many other factors including the region (London being more expensive than say Northern Ireland at the moment) it is in and how busy local builders are.

      So to do a 200m2 ((9*7m on 3 floors) property may cost as little £68k if you are prepared to keep costs down and do most of the work yourself however it is more likely to cost well over £100k and more like £150k to get a contractor to do all of the work.

      Also remember that simple plans and layouts will not only save you tremendous amounts of time and money but you are more likely to complete on time and in budget (or at least closer too).

      These figures are all backed up by May's edition of Build it & Home Improvement Magazine. Good luck with your project.
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        Re: How much to fit a house out

        Thanks for reply (taken a wee bit to get back here).

        Alot of it is how long is a bit of string, but also as jt says there are indicative costs to look towards that put in a ball park figure. And for newbies amongst us that is a starting point of where to begin measuring my string lol.

        Sent a guy in to have a look and he came back with "estimate" of 70k to 85k

        Thanks to both for your replies, I still want to do it (yeap its still on the market) but the mrs said she isn't willing to live on a building site.


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          Re: How much to fit a house out

          Agree with Brian too, couldn't give you figures. I would be inclined to make sure you get detailed estimates with costings beside them, get that from a few quality workmen and it will give you a great idea of your costs.
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