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Etiquette with vendors

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  • Etiquette with vendors

    I've been looking into property development for quite some time now, And I feel I've got to the point where I've read enough, and its time to start having a go. Surely this is the next phase in my learning process.

    So here I am. I've found what I think is the ideal property. After viewing it I can see it has plenty of potential. So what now? I'm guessing I arrange with the vendor for my surveyor to go and take a look? Then, If all is well, I arrange another viewing, and take what contractors i need with me to take a look and give me some quotes? I know this may be a silly question but is this the right way to go about it? Can a vendor expect to have builders walking through there home pricing up work while their still living there?

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    I would have thought that you would only need one additional person at the most - someone with a generally good knowledge and is expected to manage the contractors - and if that's your job, someone suitably experienced that you trust both their observations and their judgement!

    Good luck!


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      Thanks for the reply brian. Twas a bit of a silly question I'm sure.. Heres another-

      Is it common practice to ask that the vendor not be present when a viewing takes place?
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        Are you asking the seller to make themselves scarce while you're doing the second/third viewings?

        Or are you saying that the seller wasn't there, and you viewed it with the agent when you did the first viewing?


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          I was wondering whether asking the seller to make themselves scarce for a second/third viewing, would be exceptable or a common accurance?


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            Personally I think it's an unreasonable request. OK in an empty property perhaps, but not if someone is living there.

            If I were the vendor, I would presume there are only two reasons for requesting their absence - (a) because you want to be able to talk freely with your builder, or (b) because you want to examine something that you don't want them to see you examining.

            In the case of (a), you can easily note something internally but step outside to discuss it out of earshot now and then. In the case of (b) I would suggest an honest request to inspect (whatever) is best. Especially if you are contemplating disturbance of floorboards, floorcoverings, or even the moving of furniture.
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