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Changing out a spiral staircase

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  • Changing out a spiral staircase


    I'm going to look at a house this weekend as a buy-to-let investment and just found out that it has a spiral staircase. I've nothing against these per se, but not as a buy-to-let, so it would stop me buying the house. I'd like to get an idea on what's involved in changing it out to a 'normal' stairs. I haven't seen the property yet so can't tell you much about it, but if we assume there are no walls, doors etc in the way does anyone have an idea of what I'd pay a builder/carpenter to install one? Standard 2 up 2 down house


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    Have you not tried getting any basic quotes from local contractors?


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      Installation of a staircase can take anything half a day to 2 days depending on the complexity of the staircase, if there is handrail etc, Joiners often charge on a daily rate (around £120 a day In Stoke)

      Obviously this is just for the installation, and will depend on any other related works.



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        Bear in mind that, as well as the stair and its balustrade or handrail, you might need to cut back part of an upstairs room to provide adequate headroom - which could possibly spoil the usefulness of that room and may be the reason they opted for a spiral stair.

        Personally I dislike spiral stairs. They have a certain novelty value, but if you have to routinely carry anything down one (eg, a tray, or a baby) they are very awkward.
        Renovation opportunity, 3b det., Carmarthenshire


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          Spiral Stairs - Normal Stairs

          A couple of things to consider.
          Why was a spiral installed in the first place? It might be as a feature but is more likely because there wasnt sufficient room for a normal stair. If it is the main staircase in the house then I would say it was definatly for space.
          To take it out is easy enough but the opening in the floor is very likely to be too small to house a 'normal' stair - even a tight half turn model. You might well have to increase the opening in the floor and of course this will have an impact the landing space you have upstairs - not to mention the increased costs.
          Best bet is to apprach a specialist stair companym, send them a sketch and some digital pics and let them have a look at it.

          Couple I found just now - Bisca and Complete Stair Systems Ltd
          Best of luck!