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Am I mad?

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  • Am I mad?


    Thinking about my first journey into renovation and - you guessed it - it happens to be Grade II listed. We've had a builder round and he's given us a quote far too rough to base anything on so I thought I'd see if anyone can help - obviously seeing the property might help but are there people out there with good mind's eyes? What we're looking at is:
    2 floors (7 rooms, 2 corridors) that need replastering,
    replacing about 9 sash windows
    MAYBE replacing 3 stone lintels
    Victorian radiators put in,
    converting 5 bedrooms into ensuites (mostly plumbing costs as will not be creating separate ensuite rooms, just creative space usage)
    damp proofing the cellar (4 rooms)
    plastering the cellar and installing a bathroom
    converting a double garage (double height but thankfully not listed) into 2 ensuite bedrooms
    New banister

    Electrics, plumbing, floors and ceiling are structurally fine so it's more cosmetic and the plumbing for the ensuites.

    So, what I'm after is (a) your opinion on my sanity, (b)chances of getting PP for the cellar and garage and (c) any guesses at how much that might cost (inc bathroom fittings). A case of champagne if anyone gets within 5K! The words 'lath and plaster' have already started to send shivers down my spine.

    I look forward to your replies!


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    oh my, you know how to pick 'em! Firstly, sounds like a big project for first renovation but don't know your background so maybe you've got some experience in construction industry.
    OK, heres my experience, Listed buildings require patience and more patience as the conservation officer has last call on all alterations. In my experience you don't have much to negotiate with - very unlikely you'll get all you want in terms of changes - ie creating /dividing rooms might not prove acceptable as dividing alters the room originality. Also outside, adjacent buildings must respect the setting of listed building so even if they themselves aren't, they mustn't impact on the listed property. All these negotiations take lots of time.
    You will usually be required to reuse same materials, ie lath and plaster. One problem is with renovation is you can't see some of the problems and even with a detailed quote (and you need one for sure) there's bound to be extras, and more extras and actually this is difficult to control. I think if you're a builder with own team and one site then this wouldn't be a problem. But if not then allow plenty of contingency.
    I'm not even gonna try and estimate cost but can say sash windows about 1k each supply, fit decorate from recent experience. As a complete guess I wouldn't think much change out of 80-100k.
    in summary......you're mad!! good luck
    Mark Donald
    providing more effective reports.......


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      The problem with a job like this is the unforeseen, and that is why the builder is vague on his quote.

      Your post does not give an indication as to size of the property or the spec, but I would guess it is fairly large and in which case the spec would need to be fairly high in which case i hope you have deep pockets.

      Good luck