I have had an offer accepted on a semi-detached house for £90,000. I am in a fortunate position of being to pay for the house outright (no mortgage) – the house owner wanted a quick sale so I think this enabled us to get a good price.

I have recently had the results back from the survey. The survey says there is £30,000 worth of repair work that needs doing. A lot of these repairs are not necessary as I’m sure is the case with most surverys. The 2 major costs on the survey are:

1- Hack off live and debonded pebbledash and renew to match existing (£7,500)
2- Renew roof covering to principal roof (£10,200)

We knew about the pebbledash before agreeing the £90k price and I’m sure if the roof does need sorting out we can get it done for far cheaper than £10,200.

I am now at the stage where I need to go back with a revised offer. I will obviously try and get the price down as far as I can but this is made complicated by the fact that the owner is a friend of the family and I do not want to fall out with him.

Considering that I was very happy to get my initial offer of £90k accepted. How much would it be reasonable to go back and offer?