My partner and I have had an offer accepted on what to us, originally, appeared to be the perfect house. It is in a small little village with a large urban town about four miles nearby.

The town in question has been growing rapidly. It has had a sudden boom of new build development in the past five-ten years. It wasn't until I had another viewing of the property today I noticed another 20 acres being sold off for ~400 homes. This shouldn't affect us as it's still within the realm of the big town, not the village.

Here is my very big concern.

One of the big features of the house are the views it offers. The front and back of the property easily offer 10 miles of in use active farmland. I can't imagine this will be developed on, but directly opposite the house there is a small strip of 'greenery' between the road and said farmers field. This is what I worry about, a keen developer and a 3 bedroom house.

I've read all town developing reports. In the past councillor meetings multiple planning permission reports were rejected in the village to maintain its ambiance which I hope continues.

My questions are as follows:

1) Is there anyway to check if planning permission can be granted on that strip of land?

2) Assuming a house is built there, could it potentially reduce the value of the house by 10-20k?

3) Do I have any means to dispute planning permission if it is added? I read that devalue of property and obstruction of view are not legible objections.

Thank you