The situation is that the vendor has split the property into 2, and has split the freehold which he is selling for £1 across the two flats. However this is being split 50:50, which feels disproportionate based on that my flat is a 1 bed and from some online searching I understand the other property is a 4 bed flat. So the premium on the freehold is also being split 50:50

From my understanding and conversations with the solicitor there is an issue as I have a direct obligation to pay 50% of everything. So for example the cost of house insurance, roof repairs (bearing in mind my flat is a basement flat) etc.

The other house has just been completed on, so I don't have an option to amend the freehold contract without legal expenses and the new occupant in the house will have no incentive to change it. My estate agent sees it as beneficial for me as I will have a say in all of property updates, so if I had a 25% share then they could go ahead with it and I wouldn't have any say rather than pay the cost of the 25% split. With 50% they would have to agree this with me – the house has just been done up but I'm really nervous with this.

If anyone does have any advice that would be greatly appreciated.