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Offer accepted vendor won't move, negotiate?

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  • Offer accepted vendor won't move, negotiate?

    Hi, hoping people will have some advice for my problem please.

    My husband and I are first time buyers. We had our offer accepted on a house about a month ago which we really love. As a condition of the offer (on her estate agent's advice) we stipulated we wanted to complete within 3 to 4 months. We realise this is not legally binding but wanted to set expectations upfront.

    The vendor needs to buy another house but despite reassuring us that she was 'actively researching and viewing other properties' unfortunately has not had her offers accepted on any of the ones she likes.

    This is disappointing because her own buyers (us) are finance ready and chain free, surely this puts her in a good position.

    We have our mortgage fully agreed and solicitor and surveyor in place ready to start work. However, I'm reluctant to spend any more money until we see some evidence from the vendor that she is in a position to proceed with the sale.

    We have gently suggested to her estate agent that she consider moving into rental if she doesn't find somewhere to buy soon. He made some vague excuse about her having a dog which wouldn't be looked upon favourably by landlords, but I sort of feel like this isn't our problem.

    We've got to the point now where we want to push for a definite answer in the next 2 weeks on whether she will move into rental or we might walk away. Either that or she finds somewhere to buy in that time period (we know she is looking). Are we being too hasty or pushy? As first time buyers we feel she is not really showing any appreciation for the fact we could move very quickly and isn't doing anything to help move this sale along. She needs to downsize following a relationship split.

    We don't want to walk away from this house, but equally don't want to still living in our rented flat at Christmas. Are we being unrealistic?

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    Re: Offer accepted vendor won't move, negotiate?

    Not at all, if the seller isn't motivated to sell what does that tell you? It's a buyers market and I am sure if you were actually out and looking you would have found something chain free by now to move into. Keep your eyes open, look around and if you find something in the meantime you can switch, if not your seller may have.
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      Re: Offer accepted vendor won't move, negotiate?

      Originally posted by MidlandsChick View Post
      Are we being too hasty or pushy?
      On the contrary, I think you have been very patient. Adajam4 is right - this vendor is lukewarm about selling. The fact that her own estate agent suggested building a timeline into the offer is the giveaway. He's probably tearing his hair out at her lethargy.

      Fortunately, you haven't yet spent good money on solicitor or surveyor's fees. Imagine how much more difficult it would be for you now if you had. In your place, I would walk away.


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        Re: Offer accepted vendor won't move, negotiate?

        Thanks for the responses, this is super helpful as you just don't know what's reasonable behaviour and what's not when you haven't been through it before. Your answers really confirm what I have been feeling deep down I think! We have in the meantime found a chain free house on the market just down the road from this one and are viewing it on Saturday, so may well end up switching!