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Natural Ground Subsidence - results from a HomeBuyers report??

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  • Natural Ground Subsidence - results from a HomeBuyers report??

    Help please!

    I have tried searching the internet for guidance on this issue but don't seem to be able to find anything, more than likely I am typing in the wrong search word or not looking in the correct place!

    I am looking to purchase a flat and I have had the HomeBuyers report come back detailing the results of the environmental searches.

    On the secton 'Natural Ground Subsidence' it has come back as 'moderate-high risk'. It does not explain whether this is on the property itself or within a search radius of the post code (and if it is then it does not detail how big a search area this is).

    I am not sure if a) do I need a propert survey or is this just a generic comment within the report for the area? I have done a similar search on the internet (just a free post code search) and typed in my existing post code and it came up with the same result. This was not identified within our searches when we bought the property. b) do I need consider some insurance companies will not insure the property or have inflated premiums?

    I don't know whether I am over-reacting to this result or whether I should just walk away from the property?

    Grateful for any advice on how to read this report/result correctly!

    Many thanks
    Nicke (Confused )

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    Re: Natural Ground Subsidence - results from a HomeBuyers report??

    Not clear what you mean by a Homebuyer's Report - that is something normally provided by a surveyor who would not carry out an environmental search,

    However, in general the comments on Environmental Searches are related to the geological conditions in the general area rather than this specific property so I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your survey report actually reports symptoms of susbsidence. Do not make a meal of telling the insurance companies about it. They will have their own records of dodgy areas.
    RICHARD WEBSTERwww.rwco.co.uk
    As a conveyancing solicitor I want to be helpful (England/Wales only) but can't accept liability for this.


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      Re: Natural Ground Subsidence - results from a HomeBuyers report??

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comments.

      The homebuyers report is part of the search pack that our solicitors have carried out not part of the valuation/survey our mortgage company is carrying out. We have not had this back yet but guess as it is a standard valuation it won't look into this?

      I believe you are correct in that it is for the area rather than the property as I have done several 'free post code searches' on multiple post codes within the area and they all say the same.

      Thank you again


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        Hi Nicke, Richard

        Hope you have been well and the flat you purchased is just fine.

        I am in a similar position today to what you were around six years ago. I identified a flat within my budget. The homebuyer's survey report (assigned by the bank but I paid a premium to view the report) did not state any subsidence risk. However I am not sure if this means no subsidence risk was identified or if subsidence risk wasn't evaluated.

        A homebuyer search (environmental search) report by the solicitor however identified a moderate to high risk for the flat. So I am terribly worried here though I am not sure if I am panicking for no reason. The only consolation is that there were been two flat sales within this development in the past year. However that does not mean this flat is safe.

        -My query to you Nicke is where I would be able to do online searches to gauge if this is a post code thing or specifically this flat (as you said you did a number of free post code searches).
        -My query to you Richard as you are a solicitor, what is the quickest way for me to find out from local authorities if there was any actual subsidence incident in the past for the property or its surrounding? Which department exactly should I contact within the Council, would there be private means of retrieving this data quicker for a fee? (I called the Council today and my call my handed around but no one responsible for the department was able to speak, they eventually told me to mail but I suspect this will take much time.)

        Thank you very much in advance to you both.


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