We had a sealed bid of less than 2% over the asking price accepted earlier this year. It is a mid terraced house built over 100yrs ago. Ten years ago the vendor of the property (who owns a loft conversion company) converted the loft into a bedroom. The house is currently rented and has been rented for the last ten years at least. On the viewings I noticed cracks up the stairs into the loft conversion.

As a result I decided to have a full structural survey, the survey threw up a number of potential issues. Most of them I had expected but some with the loft conversion are causing me concern. The survey says the cracks should be made good, monitored and investigations made into whether the conversion is adequately supported.

I find myself feeling a little short changed on the survey, maybe rather naively I wanted the survey to tell me whether it was adequately supported but I now have more questions then when I started.

We are already asking the vendors to pay for an indemnity insurance for an unrelated reason.

I think the price we are paying is fair, providing it is not falling down!. I have spoken to structural engineer and to be 100% sure it is not moving anymore it will take months.

The loft conversion was signed off by the council for building control purposes. It was a permitted development so didn't need to have planning permission.

Does anyone have advice for my predicament or have faced something similar ?

Is the building control sign off enough for Insurance companies to cover against further movement?

Thanks in anticipation.