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Problem noticed when viewing property....not in home report

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  • Problem noticed when viewing property....not in home report

    Hi all,

    I am currently looking at a property with a view to purchase, 3 bedroom semi detached, and after inspecting the roof space I found a potential problem that was not picked up in the home report and would be interested to hear some views on this.

    When viewing the house, on the first floor front external wall, there was about a 2 inch wide dark strip where the wall meets the ceiling on both the rooms situated against the front external wall.

    My first thoughts were it could be slipped insulation causing a condensation issue, however when looking at the front elevation of the property, there is some sort of decorative creeper shrub from ground level to the eaves level at first floor, and the eaves seem to be covered in this 'creeper'

    I subsequently did an inspection of the loft space today, and found the North facing pitch (the side where the ivy seems to be covering the eaves) to be COVERED in condensation. And I mean totally soaking.

    I looked from the first floor windows up to the eaves and that confirmed the soffit mesh vents seemed to be partly blocked.

    There was also a large rectangular mark on the ceiling on a first floor bedroom, when looking in the attic, I noticed this was directly below the cold water tank...........which had NO insulation beneath it so was causing a cold bridging situation, which could be fixed with adding insulation under the tank I think.

    We would obviously have to clear the vents from any ivy blocking them, but does anyone have any other suggestions which would help the situation?

    The south facing pitch was completely dry, i presume as south facing. But this seemed abit strange that there wasnt a condensation problem there also, but maybe that is a good thing rather than both pitches being soaked.

    The roof construction is rafters, vapour check (which the north pitch was soaking) then tile battens then tiles.

    The water tank that has no insulation under it is positioned under the north pitch, could heat/vapour be getting into loft space via this uninsulated space??

    Could this be a main part of the condensation problem?

    I know there are alot of what ifs above and various questions but just trying to give the whole picture of the situation.

    I was also wondering what position this puts me in with a view to putting in an offer? Should I flag up the problem that I have noticed and that was not in the home report and ask for the sellers opinion with a view to them reviewing the problem?

    Any thoughts much appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Problem noticed when viewing property....not in home report

    First of all you don't have to go with the Home Report, you can get another survey done yourself. If this throws up damp issues you can get a specialist out - most will go free - for repair costs and general advice. You could then make an offer based on your survey value and repair costs.