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First time buyer - GF-shop, 1st fl flat . Help

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  • First time buyer - GF-shop, 1st fl flat . Help


    Thanks for reading my msg. I am not originally from UK. I am sorry for my english. I married my Euro partner for years and we tried to settle down in here. We wanted to buy a property in here for good. However there is some problems in my head, which make me a little worry. Any advise will be a great help. Many thanks in advance.

    I wanted to buy a commercial property which has ground floor shop and 1st floor flat. I was told this house was built in 1950's-1960's. The house owner said the house dont have any structural problems since it is not a old house.

    For the ground floor shop, it was a bit old but the size is good. The seller just did the plaster on the ceiling for one room at the ground floor shop. He said some water was leaked when peoples take shower on the top floor. All the front windows ( total 5 big windows) and front door needed to change. And the electric meter and the gas meter seem to be very old one. ( those with the black box) But it is still working well. It use combi boiler.

    When I view the flat, it seem fine for me, the seller said he just decorate the house recently. New fitted bathroom and toilet. However some tenants are living in this flat. There were sofa, washing m/c, TV, beds... So I cannot really look much about the flat. It use night storage heater.

    I employed a surveyor to check the house for me. However on the contract, it said all the wood words or other parts of the structure which were covered, unexposed or inaccessible will not be inspected.

    Besides, the agent said there the tendency agreement will be expired after 1 months. If I cannot 'purchase' the hose, the seller will have to renew another 6 month tendency agreement with her tenant.

    I wonder if the surveyor is unable to check the woodwork which were covered eg carpet, what if that really has problems with it?

    And is this type of house has any common and serious problems ?
    I dont think I can ask the seller or tenant to move the furniture because their furniture mostly very big, cannot really move to anywhere.

    Any advise will help. I did tried to look at all the books about UK house, it seems very complicate for me. For the price I can afford, I cannot buy now house ...

    Best regards

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    Re: First time buyer - GF-shop, 1st fl flat . Help

    Addition, the agent said after we purchased the property, we can give notice to the tenant, and the tenant will have not move out within 2 months time. Is that true?

    On the day we first view the property, the landlord knocked their door very loud and we wait over 15 mins for that. And the tenants eventually opened the door for us. I seen 3 guys lived in that flat but non of them claim they hear anything.


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      Re: First time buyer - GF-shop, 1st fl flat . Help

      'the tenant will have to move out within 2 months', what I worry is, it takes ages for them to do it.


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        Re: First time buyer - GF-shop, 1st fl flat . Help

        One of the problems when buying a property with an existing tenant is that the law is fully on their side in protecting their tenancy.

        In other words, if you want rid of the tenant, plan for difficulties.

        That's why a lot of properties with an existing tenant can prove difficult to sell.