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Urgent help - deadline 3pm Wed

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  • Urgent help - deadline 3pm Wed

    Hi Folks, I am writing under a different name, as I believe the EAs are monitoring, so am generalising the amounts so they can’t use the info to identify.

    Situ: - Unfortunately dad is being a stubborn butttt and is believing this property is the house of his dreams to live in before going into a retirement home. It has local amenities (shops, leisure activities), character, fab transport routes to son even though I am over 20miles away by bus. I can NOT persuade him to give this property up. EEK free will etc

    This is what they are offering him :P

    • EA is ‘demanding’ £5k as a non-refundable deposit for a property under £200k ?
    • Using EAs FA (fees under £350) and the M’s they recommend (x2 of them) – payable whether successful or not (PM me for more info)
    • Use their Solicitors – no exact fees
    • Use their Surveyors – no exact fees
    • No confirmed info on who the deposit is ‘rewarded’ to if the finance doesn’t work out
    • They appear not to trust their OWN FA, as they want this £5k - despite she having confirmed (and willing to do so) info about finances to pay for the Ms - guaranteed with annuties
    • Since seeing this house he has always wanted this house, and has drastically reduced house by 1/5 for a quick sale
    • EA telling sellers – who knows the truth??
    • Research on the EAs = DON’T FK USE THEM – 1.5 / 5, 1.8.5 are the research polls

    I think can you can now begin to understand my stress situ – so my problem is damage limitation.

    I shall be meeting the EAs / FA with Dad really soon (as long as the boss is okay with this), so here are the questions:-

    • Any ideas / negotiation suggestions - anything would help
    • Is there any legislation that this come under

    I am trying to protect him, as I know he wld do the same to me even - especially when they are blinded. My sis thinks I am being daft. To me this sounds like blooming emotional blackmail as they know he loves the hosue!!!

    I have until 3pm TODAY. So any constructive info wld be really, really welcome.


    Edit - PS I have been told, that what ever I try and do, I can not prevent the sale going ahead, its wanted that much = they see him being desparte

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    Re: Urgent help - deadline 3pm Wed

    I know this is too late but I have to admit the post confused me. I am not sure what relates to the sale and what to the purchase. Is it a condition of the purchase that he Must use the solicitor they recommend, if not get another one and get proper legal advice. Even if it is one they recommend their client is your dad and they must act in his interest.
    It sounds to me that the main issue is he wants the property and you don't want him to move. Unfortunately for you it is not your decision though.