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Bullying estate agent

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  • Bullying estate agent

    I am a first time buyer who has an AiP and a large deposit. I am ready to go and everyone has assured me that I am a 'good bet' for buying a house.

    I have put in an offer on a non-traditional build property (Dorlonco).

    My dealings with the agent so far have been with him really bullying me to do the mortgage, legal etc all through the estate agent.

    The matter was left today with him saying that unless I took the mortgage arrangement through him they will not take the property off the market if my offer is accepted.

    Can they do this?

    Every conversation I have had with him he persists with 'hard sell' for me to take up this option; I am happy with my IFA who was recommended through trusted friends, he has a good and suitable deal, my solicitor is a family friend so is trusted so I am not going to change my position.

    I just feel that he is bullying me maybe as I am young, female and a first time buyer.

    Can he do this? Are there any suggestions for how I should proceed from here?


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    Re: Bullying estate agent

    Is the estate agent registered with any professional bodies?

    If so, tell them if they do not conduct themselves in a professional matter, you will report them to the relevant bodies.

    In the meantime, there is no reason to take a mortgage and legal advice through the estate agent - as they represent the seller, it would be a potential conflict of interest to cover the buyer as well.

    In which case, tell them also that you'll be happy to withdraw any potential offer and go through a different estate agents as well.

    Frankly, the person you're speaking to sounds like a prat.


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      Re: Bullying estate agent

      The estate agent is a national company so is with the relevant professional bodies. My IFA has said that he is going to report them to the FSA.

      I shall be telling him next week that the offer stands if the property is taken off the market if not I shall be walking away. I will be remaining with my IFA and informing him that I do not believe that he has been professional.

      This man gives estate agents a bad name!


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        Re: Bullying estate agent

        Print off and show them the OEA and NAEA codes of practice (you can find them easily with google searching), which both explicitly say that their members should not discriminate against anyone for not using their supplied services, nor those supplied by their business partners. This would seem to cover your situation.

        If they're not OEA or NAEA members, ask them why they're not?

        If they think it's OK to do this because they're not OEA or NAEA members, ask them why they think it's good for them to do things the opposite way to that outlined in these codes of practice......


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          Re: Bullying estate agent

          Quite right they can't force you to do anything. Don't accept their demands. I found the NAEA code of practice. http://www.naea.co.uk/uploads/COP/re...sofconduct.pdf
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