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Buying house has turned into a nightmare

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  • Buying house has turned into a nightmare

    This is my first post but I literally don't know who to turn to so I'm hoping someone here can help. If all else fails I've got it off my chest.
    We are trying to buy our first house. Our offer was accepted 3rd November 2017. And since then there has been delay after delay after delay. Like I said first time buyers and it's no chain. Should be quick? But no still waiting!
    We had a lost passport for ID but that was found after couple of days. Survey came back fine in December. Searches finally all came back ok middle of january. We found out seller lives abroad but it shouldn't be a problem. Mortgage company lost our details then took forever to make a decision. As we only just scraped by with a mortgage offer (due to only one of us currently working. I'm on maternity and will be working from home once we've moved.) Husbands work needed to send a letter along with 2 years worth of wage slips to mortgage company and they took forever as kept saying they couldnt do it. But they finally did and we finally got mortgage offer. "You'll definitely move in January."
    Solicitors were then off for norovirus. We were told we were waiting for the contract but 8 days later found out it hadn't been sent due to the illness. 5th Feb we were told we are exchanging this week. Well we Signed contract and sent deposit money. Thought we were nearly there!
    As far as we were concerned just waiting for seller to sign and waiting for closing isa statement.
    We were then told we can't exchange until the statement is here.
    Finally given to them 12th Feb. On the 21st we were told he's not allowed to email contract so have to wait for 7 working days for it to arrive in post.
    7th March contract is back. But he had sent english id not Australian ID but he's allowed to email it.
    15th March still no id then find out from husbands mum (she shouldnt have got involved) solicitors told her seller is not living there he's travelling. Meaning he won't have ID!
    16th March no that's wrong... he was born and lives out there but travels for work. However ID is not allowed to be emailed but is in post and will arrive on Monday.
    9 days later aka today we are told ID will arrive today or tomorrow?! What?! It should have already been here!
    We feel let down by everyone and lied to and just don't know who to trust or believe anymore. Just don't know what to do anymore.
    To make matters worse we have 3 children. And our current rental property wants us out by Saturday so they can sell! That's the whole reason we decided to look into buying as we weren't sure we could get a mortgage due to one set of earnings. However great credit score. We could.
    Now worried about being homeless (although landlord is lovely, dont think he'd kick us out but dont want to take advantage) and our families can't set us up what with there being 5 of us.