I am in the process of purchasing a house. I have just received a letter from my solictor stating that it has been discovered that my house is in an area affectd by 'Chancel Repair.

I appreciate there is lots of information on the internet about it. But i was wondering if anyone has actually come across this issue personally?
My questions are:

If I pay the indemnity then this will cover me for the length of my mtg (25 yrs). However, what happens:

1. When 25 yrs expires. Can the church hit me with a big bill!?

2. If I decide to sell in 2015 (and the area has been identified as church land). Can prospective buyers take out similar insurance (Would the insurance be roughly the same value), or would they have to pay out a big bill?

The above apparently all depends on whether the church have identified the land to be within the affected area by 2013 and have got owners to put this on their deeds. For the purpose of finding out the answers to my questions the above 2 questions assumes that this is the case.
Kind regards