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Who would buy an Eco Home?

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  • Who would buy an Eco Home?

    To implement sustainable measures to your existing home is quite expensive and out of reach to many. It is also hard to justify the financial outlay if you consider how long it would take to repay itself purely through saving on energy costs.

    One answer is to include sustainable products and ideas at time of construction. Far cheaper than retro fitting on your existing homes. Unfortunately this is still more expensive than a standard home. With ever rising prices in the housing market who out there would be interested in buying a new build eco home if they were readily available and what premium as a percentage would you be prepared to pay????

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    I think it depends on relative pricing - homes built to eco standards that are significantly more expensive than general properties of similar size are going to have to appeal to a difference market.

    As for other developments, such as solar heating and even wind-generated electricity - I can't see these adding significantly to a house price, but still being relatively desirable.



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      I would think that having solar heating would add to the price of the house myself. I mean isn't that highly desirable right now? I thought it was anyway.


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        An eco home

        You here alot about the eco homes. When we bought our house there was nothing out there like that. I think it is very smart to buy an eco house. I know I would look into it if I was buying another house.


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          If I were building, I'd certainly look into the alternatives in construction, but only if the things are proven entities. No experimentation for me!
          In an older home, it would all depend on expense and if the alteration effected the look of the house ...I like period homes and wouldn't want to screw up the exterior.


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            Well after this latest gas and electric bill I just got I would love to have some of the features of an eco home now. I'm going to be broke just trying to heat our house.


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              The trouble with eco homes is that they are so damn expensive. Those who really make the effort seriously add to the price that can make them really uncompetitive with similar "normal" properties.

              I'd love an eco home, but affordability is a premium at the best of times with the UK housing market, let alone extra costs for slightly greener living.