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Settling in

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  • Settling in

    So we bought our first home and moved in on September 8th - and immediately had internet connection problems that prevented me running my business properly.

    Thing is - even though everything seems to be working fine, I don't feel at all settled in.

    Even when we moved up and rented for 18 months in a different area before buying, there was a sense of relief and excitement.

    But at present, I don't feel either. It feels like renting again, and I don't at all feel like a homeowner, just a mortgage payer.

    I figure making some changes - decorating, for example - will help.

    Question is, how many other people feel like this when moving in, and how long did they find it took to feel like it was your own?

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    i haven't experienced firsthand your situation, brian. but i guess decorating your home may do the trick; this way you get to personalize it even more. although it won't immediately make you feel at home, hopefully it will hasten that stage of having that "renting" feeling. i did some research about your situation and i found this article exactly about it. it's titled "Feel At Home Faster After You Move". i hope you find it helpful. here is a link to this article:


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      I went through this exact same thing Brian. I didn't feel at home with my new house and actually thought of moving. It took about a year before I felt at home, I repainted everything, gave it my own personal touch, now it's six years later and nothing could force me out of here. I'm in love with my house! Just give it some time, and make your new home your own special place.
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        It's funny ...I've moved 3 times in the last ten years and have had several temporary rental properties in between. I've learned that if I pare down my personal things to the ones that really mean something, they are easily unpacked in no time, and I feel home wherever I am. Those things and my dogs and the computer, and it's home lol.


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          I felt the exact same way when we bought our house. I will say that decorating our bathroom and our sons room helped alot on making it feel more like it is ours.


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            I quite agree with the points raised - definitely requires personalisation - even just changing the wall colours a shade - to help make me feel like it's "mine".


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              Id give it at least a couple months before you started settling in.. You can't always get adjusted to your new environment so easily.


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                The feeling of apprehension - "Will I fit in this community like in my previous place?" - can sometimes affect the way you feel about your new home. But I think, this is only applicable to young adults who will miss their friends. In your case, you'll settle in in no time. That's your property and you should be proud of it. Condition your mind and there will be no problem.