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Barratt homes Buyer beware

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    Anyone had any luck with this


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      Barratts B*g*ers

      We are in the middle of dealing with these muppets.

      Both myself and my fiance have spoken to and written to the customer services department.

      Certain things they have come and repaired but most they have so far not bothered with. I have just today sent my 9th letter to them threatening further action if they do not hurry themselves up. Most of the faults previously mentioned on this forum we have had with our 2 bed apartment.

      I am going to take them to court as the next stage as I know (working for a law firm) that I will win.

      I will never buy a Barratts build again.


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        I bought a Barratt house about 10 years ago. The upstairs floor collapsed whilst I was on the loo, the partition wall in the bedroom was then left hanging. The house was only about 2 months old. They did repair it but it was bodged. My friend bought one at the same time, one of her water outlet pipes wasn't connected so the downstairs flooded on their first night. their flue pipe on their gas fire hadn't been conected, luckily they realised.


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          Plumbing (ahem!!) at Barratts

          It is now 3 am and I am sat here waiting for my son the phone me.
          Early in the evening he noticed water marks on his kitchen ceiling; these increased to water starting to seep down the walls, eventually coming into his ground floor flat through the extractor over his hob. The carpet in the adjoining bedroom and hall is now wet where the water has seeped down behind the plaster board walls.
          The was no response from the flat upstairs so the Barratt Emergency number was contacted (the flat is 15 months old).
          We were then passed on to another number which was supposed to be the emergency dept. of the Management company.....but wasn't. We were told Barratts will not force entry into any upstairs flat.
          Eventually after endless time-wasting to-ing and fro-ing between Barratts and whoever the contact was that they gave us, it was agreed that we call an emergency plumber. Yes...they will call, provided the police are there to authorise break-in to the flat above.... but the police were busy (fair enough) and can't say when.
          The plumber will not come until the police arrive....
          Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! In the meantime, the water continues to soak the flat.

          EDIT: 4.10am. Police arrived and plumber found fault and rectified it.
          It transpires that the water is coming from the TOP flat, through the empty middle flat!!
          The reason: shoddy workmanship under the sink of the top floor flat.... a wrong fitting!!!!!!!
          Both flats were unoccupied and required forced entry. Three flats have soaked floor coverings.
          Oh yes! Barratts have taken a report and will open at 9.30am THIS morning.
          Hope they got more sleep than we are doing.
          Finally, this is just ONE of a whole catalogue of plumbing faults: to be fair - (* resorting to sarcasm* ),
          - they did replace hall and bedroom carpets when it was water from the bathroom last time.
          Before that, it was fortunate that the men were still on site when the drains blocked and water emptying from upstairs' washing machine ended up in my son's sink and on his kitchen floor.
          Another tenant of the block of twelve flats has also had no end of plumbing related problems.
          IN SHORT - Leeds Barratts... your contracted plumbers were USELESS!!
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            Barratts / NHBC problems

            I bought a 3 storey property in kent from Wards (now Barratts), we thought the upper floor to be a bit cold, but as we didnt really use the top level, and therefore turned down the heating, we thought that was the reason. Around Christmas time, we moved our 4 year old to one of the rooms on the upper floor, and therefore turned the heating up, and noticed it was still cold, and monitored the temperature (between 4 - 8 degrees lower than the level below). We then investigated further and found that the flat part of the ceiling in two of the rooms had no insulation at all, they had put approx 400mm where the access panel was in the third room, and any area that could be viewed from that room. They came out after a few phone calls and installed 200mm of insulation to the area that had none, whilst there, while they had the ceiling open, we queried the thickness of the celotex or similar to the sloping areas, and were told that that met the building reg's requirement at the time, so we requested that in writing. We finally received a reply after several requests, confirming that the 60mm insulation installed did meet the reg's at the time. The only problem is it is in fact only 50mm thick, a point they were aware of when it was measured and queried by their operatives and myself. The problem is that the property is 4.5 years old now, and there is no sign that Barratts will return to rectify the fault, even though it doesn't meet with building regulations, so any suggestions welcome on how to pursue this further, as the NHBC have said that thay are not intersested as it's outside the first 2 years for rectifying faults, let alone compensate us for 4 years of heating the surrounding area.
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              Re: Barratt homes Buyer beware


              Does anyone have a contact for a regional sales manager, i.e. someone who the sales reps at the developments report to. The sales rep I am deadling with for my newbuild home is completely incompetent and unreliable (not showing up for appointments, not responding to email queries etc). I need to find the right supervisor to contact.

              Thank you


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                The initial problem you posted sounds like a nightmare, as is your laundry list of issues you've had to deal with since moving in. Thanks for giving everyone a heads up on Barratt homes. I have also heard some mixed reviews regarding them and was doing a bit of research when I stumbled on this forum but it also seems like the opinions on here are also split. But glad to hear that you've had some luck in getting people down there to help fix some of the issues you were having in your home. All it takes sometimes is applying a bit of pressure on the management. But honestly, the last thing you want to have to deal with when you're buying a new home (as stressful as it is to begin with) is to have to deal with things like incorrectly installed electricity wires, water leaks, dirty or poorly maintained windows that need window cleaning, pests and rodents (EEEEK!), and just damage to the property in general. Proper due diligence before going into the close is also crucial and hoping that you get all your issues fixed up.