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Barratt homes Buyer beware

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  • Barratt homes Buyer beware

    We moved into our Dream Townhouse in June in Cumbernauld, Glasgow and have experienced a whole host of serious problems, water penetration through ceilings,water coming through windows, doors not opening, wobbly bannisters, constant water penetration every time it rains in fact on one occasion we had 34 separate and serious issues and as yet still unresolved over a 6 month period !

    Anyone intending to buy Barratt please be careful, also customer service is a paradox as we have found it non existent.

    We wish we had thoroughly researched the brand as from many websites there are numerous articles about Barratt, bad press and poor workmanship being the prevailing features !

    Can anyone recommend where we go from here ?

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    If the property is less than 2 years old, your NHBC guarantee covers all finishing so Barratts must reasonably comply with all *written* complaints.

    However, if the 2 years is already up, you're screwed.


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      Originally posted by brian View Post
      If the property is less than 2 years old, your NHBC guarantee covers all finishing so Barratts must reasonably comply with all *written* complaints.

      However, if the 2 years is already up, you're screwed.
      Thanks for your information.
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        Beware of Buying Barratt !! - NHBC

        Originally posted by brian View Post
        If the property is less than 2 years old, your NHBC guarantee covers all finishing so Barratts must reasonably comply with all *written* complaints.

        However, if the 2 years is already up, you're screwed.

        Exactly everyone out there ensure if you have a problem that it is recorded otherwise as Brian states two years and game over !! although with Barratt two years is not long as by this time they may have actually concluded my problems with my house !!!

        ps contact ; dont get done get Dom; hopefully Barratt may get some free publicity soon....


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          As in the other thread, new build properties commonly suffer snagging issues as they're called - but any national developer should correct these if provided in writing and before the 2 year period is up.

          Leave it too late, though, and it's you who has to foot the bill.


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            Barratt repairs refusal

            bought a barratt 3 story house on 17-12-07 it took us 6 months to buy it awe have had so many jobs they now refuse to come out in fact the site manager a squirrel called cyril put the phone down on my wife.
            I wrote to the chairman but it was only passed to the people that we are having problems with I contacted nhbc but they have not replied we also have the cold floors downstairs, if anyone is still thinking of buying a barratt house at Idle in Bradford west Yorkshire get everything in writing the problem is most contact is by phone 'no record'!
            We have been here 3 months and I am in the process of getting the work done then taking them to the Small Claims Court, then we will try to sell this place as I refuse to have to go through the courts just to get the warranty work done!
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              Okay, first, let's avoid stating that a company lies - that's potential libel, thanks.

              Just to also point out, I'm in a Barratt property, and there have certainly been issues - but I'd also like to point out that I have also had Barratt come out and fix up some cracks in the mortar, which they didn't actually have to do.

              Overall, my impression of Barratt's customer service is very much improved.

              A big pointer as well - if you do have customer service issue, don't talk to the site manager - contact the customer care dept of the appropriate company, ie, for Barratt's, find your nearest office:
              Barratt Homes is a UK nationwide developer of new homes houses and apartments

              My impression is that you must contact the customer care dept in writing stating problems, which will then be passed on to the site manager for correction.

              Personally I wouldn't recommend calling the site manager - it's the customer care dept who answers directly to you, and the site manager answers directly to them.



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                Barratt The Bullies

                Do you work for barratts?

                You obviously have not had many problems, when twice we have been blocked in after the site manager has cleared the builders vans a large cement mixer blocked us in for over TWO hours then yesterday three very large trenches were dug in the road and a load of tarmac dropped behind our car then the toad came up to me and laughed in my face!
                Contact customer service! what do you think I have been doing since the day we moved in they did nothing so I contacted the chairman who's secretary passed it back to Leeds so no joy there I am in the process of having to pay for the work myself then I will take them to the Small Claims Court.
                The fact is we are being singled out! everyone on this site is having problems but they are getting their repairs done!
                I wonder how you would react to your car being damaged by the builders FOUR TIMES and barratts saying 'Nothing to do with US! The toad telling you to your face 'you will NOT get your jobs done, maybe you would shrug it off but for £240k I expect things right!


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                  dhep, if you're pushing your complaints at the site manager, and then at the chairman, then you are not sending your customer complaints to the right channels. Remember, you need to put your issues in writing - there's no point simply ringing someone, because they need a written format to reference to ensure the different points raised are dealt with.

                  Maybe the reason everyone else is having their repairs done is because they are writing to customer care, instead of phoning the chairman and the site manager?

                  I appreciate that you're not having a fun time of it, but you are making things worse for yourself by not using the customer care channels already provided for.



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                    Barratt Complaints Again

                    Yes I have started at the site manager, he told me to contact him in the beginning, then customer service, then the head of complaints at Leeds, then the director at Leeds, then the area manager at York, then the chairman, for what use it did me as the chairman and area manager were 'away on business'! And both secretary's sent the complaints back to Leeds!
                    Now do you see why I am angry, I have also lodged a complaint with NHBC.


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                      Sorry, dhep, as before - you send your customer service requirements to the customer service department.

                      The idea of sending these to the chairman, director, and area manager is ridiculous. Seriously.

                      Ensure you send a letter to the customer service dept for your area, then await a reply, and work on that.


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                        We moved into our new Barratt house on the Ashdale estate in Kilmarnock on 29/01/07 and 16 months later we are still waiting on some items on the Pre-Move Inspection being sorted. A summary of some of our problems to date are:

                        1. Light switches incorrectly wired.
                        2. Sockets on the ring main incorrectly wired and we ended up with 2 radial circuits as opposed to a ring!!!
                        3. Poorly sealed shower tray which was repaired but has (in the last 3 hours) been found to be leaking again and has damaged our livingroom ceiling.
                        4. Broken cover on the incoming electrical supply.
                        5. Hundreds upon hundreds of nail pops on the plasterboard walls and ceilings.
                        6. Poor taped joints on the plasterboard resulting in most of the joints being clearly visible.
                        7. A joiner who came in to do repairs was shocked to discover that the plasterboards had been fitted with nails instead of screws and said that the standard throughout the site very poor and he was having to patch up most of the houses.
                        8. Exposed steel lintels above windows not painted or covered.
                        9. Poor fitting loft hatch.
                        10. Electrical cables run across the middle of the loft hatch.
                        11. Window facing damaged and falling off.
                        12. A joist has been installed too low and has left a large lump on our living room ceiling.
                        13. Holes in the wall under the stairs.
                        14. Every floor upstairs is creaking. They have had several attempts at repairing this but can't stop it re-occuring.
                        15. The landing floor has sunk and is uneven which means it is unsafe to put the ladders up to go into the loft.
                        16. Loose bannister.
                        17. The newel caps on the bannister were left with razor sharp edges and corners which resulted in several painful slashes to myself and the kids.
                        18. The back garden has NO drainage and is a swamp for several days after a heavy shower. We have had several dates for work to commence but they turn out to be empty promises.
                        19. A brick was missing from the garage which resulted in mice getting in.....but I got the little ********!

                        That is about it...apart from things like touching up the paintwork etc. Although to be fair they have done a few repairs quickly...replaced a damaged door, rewired the faulty light switch, replaced a faulty window.

                        The site sales agent is a waste of space and she wasn't happy when I refused to give her top marks in the first after sales survey.....They got absolutely slated in the second one. Now she doesn't want to know about any of the problems. The Site construction manager keeps saying yes to everything and does nothing. I have spoken to 2 of his bosses (who seem to change every 4-5 months) and they are pretty much the same. Where do I go from here??

                        Well last night we made an up to date list of the issues which are still outstanding (18 issues -- mostly minor, several major to us) and written a covering letter which will be handed to the sales agent and construction manager tomorrow. It will also be faxed and posted by recorded delivery to their West Scotland office. It gives them 7 days to reply in writing with a timescale of when the issues will be addressed. If they fail to do this then I will be meeting my solicitor to take it further. I am determined not to let them win. If need be I will speak to my neighbours who ALL have outstanding issues ranging from nail pops to fire doors which don't close, and see about taking Barratts to court to fix all our faults.

                        Summary: Don't buy Barratt and if you do then get all promises in writing.


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                          skilly, don't write to the sales mananger - they do sales, and the site manager supervises building work.

                          Send the letter to the Barratts customer care offices - details on their website.


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                            Well it looks like the letter has worked.

                            This week I have had an inspection carried out and several small tasks have been addressed.

                            I've also had a long conversation with the site manager about things and it looks like we are on the road to getting things sorted.


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                              It sounds a bit like the problem I am having with my car, similar sort of scenario but getting angry with the wrong people isn't going to help. People have hung up on me and I had major issues with the company but when I spoke to consumer direct they aided me on resolving my issues. They spoke on my behalf to the garage and although the issue has been running for over a month now, we have been offered a straight swap for a car of equal value and out of goodwill they are offering us a brand new car of equal value despite our car depreciating over £5000 in 5 months.

                              The moral of the story is not just complaining down the right channels, which I did, you should be actively exploiting your consumer rights and speaking with Citizen Advice and the likes of Consumer Direct regarding the issue, and if your case is big enough they will even act on your behalf.

                              Another thing worth mentioning is you should be taking photos of any damage, leakages and get a property survey done detailing the condition of the property. By having the evidence there you will find the channels you may not have already explored will understand better your situation and they will be more effective in dealing with any issues arising.