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Who owns the boundaries?

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  • Who owns the boundaries?


    I don't to know where to ask this query really, so apologies it may not really fit in this forum.

    How do I establish who owns the wall that surrounds the front of my garden please? My deeds are silent on the issue and due to some heavy rain and therefore water flowing down the (council owned) road, it appears as though it may fall down in the next few years, although it has been there since the 1920s.

    I'd like it to be council owned really so that I can get on to them to come and repair it, rather than having to pay for it myself.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Unless you know otherwise, I would assume that the boundary wall is yours. most boundaries, walls, fences and hedges, are not on the footpath/road, they are marking the boundary of a property, hence the name.


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      Thanks for replying.

      Yes, I've done a bit more research around the net and it seems that indeed boundary markers like fences, walls and hedges are generally considered to belong to the property that they "bound", even if the deeds don't mention them.

      But, it seems I should have mentioned that the wall in question isn't simply a boundary marking where my garden ends and the road begins. The road is higher than my garden and it appears that the land must have been built up at some point many many years ago to allow the road to be made. If the wall was, say taken away, the road would fall into my garden.

      Does it make a difference do you think if the wall is retaining the road?

      I'm a bit of a novice at this, as you may glean, so sorry for that earlier detail I forgot to mention!


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        It may be worth making a quick call to a solicitors who specialise in residential property.


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          Thank you.


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            If the boundary wall is at the front of your property then you can be 99.9% sure that you own it. When no information is in the deeds to the property and you have adjoining neighbours, the "right and rear rule" normally applies to side and rear boundary walls and fences. This translates to you being responsible for the rear boundary and the right hand boundary. I hope this helps but I would also suggest you need to consult a solicitor to be on the safe side.
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