The British, (and other northern Europeans), may have been getting cold feet over buying around Spain's costas after so much downbeat press coverage regarding illegal properties being demolished wholesale, but my advice would be to look at inland Spain.

Even 30 miles (45km) from the coast can mean a more peaceful, less worried and relatively inexpensive style of living.

Inland towns and villages are generally much less developed and the cost of living is dramatically less.

Take Antequera where I live. A busy thriving city north of Malaga and as different as you can get from the the towns along the Costa del Sol.

As well as great shops, bars, restaurants, nightlife and sights to see PLUS the fantastic Andalucian sunshine, I pay less than 135 euros a year council tax! (IBI).

With high speed trains to Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona as well as cheap bus and train journeys to Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga - PLUS! - all this is just 40 minutes from Malaga International Airport - MMmmm.