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buying in France for enjoyment

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  • buying in France for enjoyment

    Hello, I read many threads in this forum and other forums and the feeling I have is people forget something very important when they buy abroad or when they want to purchase abroad it s the enjoyment. I know it s important not to lose money when you buy but why always thinking about making profit, it is very hard to predict what the economy will be in a few years time and that concern every single country. I think It can be more interesting to concider having a property for the family and holiday purpose. I work in property business and all the people I helped to find a property in FRANCE for this reason really enjoy, they are not always thinking about how much their property worth. They don t think in a short term and this make a big difference, they are not stressed and having your property for many years and one day you decide to sell ,you will get some profit anyway if you bought the rigth one at the beginning.
    The most important is firstly to buy the right property and a good way to do it is asking the help of companie who don t work for estate agencies and with people who knows the market and how it works.
    Secondly if you can afford it just buy for enjoyment and coming in your second home with your family or freinds and not thinking to much about business.
    France is a great destination think about it

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    I agree ... but you need to have the money to afford a seond home for "only enjoyment"


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      Well it is obvious than you need money to buy any homes for enjoyment or for investment. What I was saying if you are ready to buy a property abroad ( it means you have some finances to support your project) for any reasons buy something in the right location (it is the most important) then enjoy your time overthere and if you did well with the area and the price at the beginning even during the crises you will be able to make some money. At this moment I think it is better to put your money in properties than in a bank. If you go for the bank option well the interest rate is very low, your money sleeps and it s very unpredictable, but if you buy a second home you will have the pleasure to go abroad like in France, enjoying your time in your place with family and friends and if you ve done everything right at the beginning and you decide to sell it you will have a better chance to make more money than a placement in the bank.
      Even during this difficult time people needs a home it is a market slow at the present moment but the market change all the time buy now because the demand is very low and you have many offers so the people who are selling needs to be more sensible about the asking price then you got good opportunities. Enjoye your time during this bad time then sell when the market will be better.
      If you want to buy in FRANCE ask a company like eca connection who can help you to find what you are looking for in the right location


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        Re: buying in France for enjoyment

        Cyril - I agree with you; it is vitally important to decide why you are buying a property.

        Is it a permanent re-location, holiday home or investment property? Trying to make it fit many purposes can lead to disappointment.
        Howard Farmer
        1st for Property Ltd
        Provence Property | Facts about France