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Which Country Abroad ?

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  • Which Country Abroad ?

    They say 74% of first time buyers in the UK are seriously considering buying abroad (Sky News website 18 July 08). Which country?
    I bought and live in Spain and I would advocate it any time.
    From the southern Costa Blanca I am 40 mins to Alicante airport and 15 mins to Murcia. The flights to Manchester (my home region) are plentiful and with some care can be picked up at very cheap prices. Flights to almost every other airport in the UK are avaialble 365 days a year.
    With the internet and telephone communications (free calls to UK landlines 24/7 365 days a year) I don't need to be in the UK to operate my business.
    Other european countries may have some advantages over Spain but all in all Spain is and will continue to be number 1 destination.
    Dave H

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    Calabria southern Italy

    I have just come back from Calabria in southern Italy. We bought a hoiliday home there last year. Ryan air fly to Lamenzia and there seems to be more and more people looking to purchase property in southern Italy. We bought in Gerace, a small medieval city on the Ionian coast. We meet two other british couples during our visit, I think with the adverse weather and economic slowdown, more and more people will look to move abroad.

    Has anyone else bought in Calabria? Would love to hear from anyone who has



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      a friend of mine bought in Calabria and he loves it.i dont think he'll ever look back.


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        Spain, best time now

        I am spanish from a town in the north of Spain, Valladolid. I moved to Marbella 3 years ago and for me it is perfect!!! Where I live is as cold as london, so it was a big change.

        Now also you can get very good bargains so it is a perfect place to buy and the flight are really often (we even need to expand the airport!).

        Well, wherever you decide, enjoy it!



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          I would love to buy in Cyprus or Tenerife but that would be for myself rather than as an investment.

          Only problem with Tenerife is if the volcano erupts!!
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            My father has been living in Malaga for 7 years and he wouldn't change it for anything in the world. just always make sure that if you want to purchase abroad that it is *naturally* a sound investment.
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              We have been living in Turkey 2 years strongly recommended


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                My piece of paradise

                I would strongly reccomend Egypt as the place to buy i have lived and worked here now for a year and a half and its my very own paradise on earth.


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                  MONTENEGRO! The new Monte Carlo!

                  Without any hesitation : MONTENEGRO !!!
                  The future Monaco of the Balkans.

                  In 2 years time, once Porto Montenegro is in place, it will definitly be the new Monte Carlo of the Mediterranean.



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                    Bulgaria is the paradise of the Balkans.


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                      I would think very carefully about currencies to find the best time to buy - right now if you're paying in GBP is not a great time to look at Europe...


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                        Having worked in overseas property for over 12 years and lived out of the UK for this time, it really depends on what kind of lifestyle you are looking for as to where you move to. Spain is wonderful and the weather great, but it isnt everyones cup of tea. The coastal areas have lost a lot of the "real Spain" appeal as highly populated by British, Irish and so on.

                        I agree Calabria is a new and exciting place with property prices well below the national average. This is largely because previously the area was only easily accessible to the Italians themselves. Now Ryanair have started up a direct route with other airlines set to follow, it would appear all the signals are pointing towards an increase in visitors and therefore an increase in prices.


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                          If we are assuming though Henry that the pound will return to the heady heights of 2 or 3 years ago against the euro, I think we will be in for a rather long wait. I doubt it will ever return to 1.43 to the pound and if the "experts" are to be believed, I think the pound has finally found its level against the euro. In any case, its not a bad thing to have a euro investment as anyone selling a property now in Euros and realising into pounds has gained considerably.


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                            I would say that Bulgaria is the best place from the Emerging markets. Stable economy, strong currency, great nature... what else can you want ?


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                              Anyone considering buying property abroad should definitely consider North Cyprus