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buying abroad...in the UK!

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  • buying abroad...in the UK!

    I am thinking that someday in the future there's a possibility I might be buying a place in the UK, and hoping to learn more about the real estate market there from you folks...I find the real estate market in the UK to be very confusing!

    No MLS! Real estate agents who don't have any laws that control them! HAVING to use a real estate lawyer! Lots of fear and trembling. How do you lot ever sleep before you sign on the dotted line?! LOL

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    Heh, certainly the UK housing market has seen a huge amount of growth over the past few years, and there's potential for further growth over the next decade.

    However, there have been warnings for quite a few years - even from the OECD - that the UK property market is over-valued.

    Even as interest rates move upwards, there's still abig demand for UK property. And with London beginning to boom again on city bonuses, it looks as if there's still some life in the market yet.

    Not sure I'd invest in the UK as an investment, though - not from overseas, anyway. It may be more lucrative to buy elsewhere - the Phillipines, or Morroco, perhaps - but I guess there are always going to be risks wherever.


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      There are some good investments to be had though ...especially in Scotland in more remote areas. But, then again, the Scottish laws are different from the English ones lol.


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        Actually, I'm not thinking of buying in the UK as an investment...can't quite believe I'm saying this, but I may be moving there to be with my sweetheart...on the other hand, perhaps he'll move here, so we'll see! I just like being prepared.

        I might be staying in Edinburgh a few days after the New Year, some friends have a flat there they might be able to lend me while I'm visiting some other friends up Durham and Newcastle way. I'm quite excited about it; I've never been to Edinburgh before.

        How are the Scottish laws different from the English ones?


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          I live in Angus, halfway between Edinburgh and Aberdeen about half the year. Edinburgh is great especially at New Years!

          When buying in Scotland, the asking price is the asking price ...you can't go lower only higher.


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            Central Scotland is lovely - only thing missing is the seaside. I'm sure you'll love staying in Edinburgh.

            Very pricey there, though, but Clackmannanshire and Fife still have some great deals on house prices, or so I hear. I would have bought in Clackmannanshire simply as an investment, if I could have.


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              Hmmm. I never thought about going to Scotland instead of England...are the immigration laws different there, I wonder? We're considering living half the year in the States and half in England, so we don't have to bother with the whole immigration issue!

              Anyway, everyone says how much they love Edinburgh, so I'm sure I will as well. I'm going to have to go and look at a map to see where Clackmannanshire is...but so long as there's broadband, I don't really care much where I live...I think!


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                YOu'll find broadband is much more available in rural areas in the UK than in the US ...I have a much better connection in Scotland than in Connecticut.

                Regarding immigration. The laws are the same for all of the UK so that part doesn't change. I go in and out a lot and find that by flying direct to Edinbrugh, I am never questioned at all. If asked I just say I have a second home in Scotland. There are years when I stay six months, leave for a week, and go back for another six months with no problem.


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                  Vicki, I shall have to pump you for information! Is it more expensive flying into Edinburgh than London? I'm in Colorado, so we don't have the ability to fly cheap from New York or Boston, of course... Who do you fly in?


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                    Scotland has been great for broadband - basically, the Scottish Executive ran a plan to completion in 2003, to ensure that every Scottish location of 50 homes or more had access to broadband - wherever they were.

                    Doesn't mean to say it's always that fast - you'll get faster broadband near the cities - but it's still re-assuring if you do want to live somewhere more remote.

                    As for flying - the UK is pretty expensive for internal flights - typically around £100-£150 per person between UK airports, and transport links aren't necessarily great between them. I can't recall Edinburgh airport having a rail link, for example.

                    Glasgow airport (Paisley?) is actually the biggest Scottish airport I know of - might be worth checking flights to there, then travel by rail from Glasgow to Edinburgh - it's a mainline and transport in general between Glasgow and Edinburgh should be not a problem.

                    Hope that helps.

                    ADDED: Also, if you plan to go to Scotland, try to get a flight into Scotland - the train journey from London to Edinburgh is about 8 hours, for example - possibly not welcome after a long flight and fight around the London Tube.
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                      That's great about the broadband, Brian! Most of my communications and business these days are on the Net, sooo, it's a must-have for me! That's a really forward looking scheme, isn't it? Quite impressive...

                      One of my friends was saying he'd rather live in Glasgow than Edinburgh...I dunno. I'm a former theatre type, so I rather think I'd like Edinburgh better! (For the Fringe, you know.)