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Manorlane Homes

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  • Manorlane Homes

    It's got to be said, the houses offered on by Manor Lane are pretty stunning looking. A nice pseudo-Georgian look accompanied by some pretty decent-sized rooms.

    I have to admit to having been initially confused by their artist illustrations and lay-outs, though. For example, houses advertised as having a ground and first floor are illustrated as having second floor dormer windows.

    After contact by Manor Lane, it appears that although no second floor is developed on the lower-range properties, the dormer windows are supplied regardless - leaving ample room to convert the attic as required, without having to mess about waiting for potential planning issues or have less aesthetic Velux windows put in.

    I was also disappointed by their website - it's heavily developed in Flash which isn't always a great user experience. I was further confounded by the fact that some development site links didn't do anything.

    Again, contact from Manor Lane showed that this was simply because those developments were simply not available to view, but it would have been nice for more explanation - rather than wondering if there's a broken link or user error issue.

    Manor Lane have since also ensured that contact information is provided on the website, so if you do feel a little confused by it, it should be easier enough to fire off some questions by email or over the contact telephone number.

    What's a real shame, though, is that I couldn't get to see any of these developments while I lived in Central Scotland, as they would certainly have been on my "to see" list.

    However, when I'm next in a position to buy I'd certainly be happy to consider any such properties in the right area for me - I just hope by then their website is a little less Flashy and a little more user-friendly.

    ADDED: This post is edited from an earlier version which raised concerns that Manor Lane have since addressed (see below).
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    I visited the Manorlane showhouse at Armadale this weekend and while you may not think that the website is up to much, believe you me the houses will blow you away. I have never been so impressed with any new build development.

    Beautiful homes with an outstanding finish - there are some of us who prefer to shop in person and not over the net. I used the website to find out about the locations and found it to be informative.


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      Manorlane Website

      Hi Brian,

      Hopefully we have addressed some of your concerns.

      We have improved the contacts section to include a summary of various contact information.

      You cannot click on some of the other developments as we have not completed the mini sites yet, however we should get one of them online before the end of the month of June.

      We cannot find fault with the problem with the dirrefent house types, however maybe you can point me in the right direction.

      We decided to run with flash as broadband is pretty much common place these days, and many people think our site looks great.




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        Crystal Clear

        Hi Brian,

        I see now why you are confused!

        You get the dormers for free on a two storey house!
        (We're not kidding, it makes the street scene look great)


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          Manorlane Quality

          Because I stupidly bought one of the Manorlane homes, I feel I have earned the right to add my opinion of this company and the homes they build.

          If anyone feels inclined to buy a house from this company, please make sure you inspect it with a microscope before completion. I have battled for the last 12 weeks to get some customer service, and have some major defects sorted. For my persistence, I met a brick wall.

          They finish on the houses of the development, not just mine I might add is very questionable, they seem to think that paint on the stainless fittings, walls that are not straight, vertically or horizontally, scratches on windows (glass or PVCu) are all to be ignored.

          The customer service is appalling, I have received a letter of veiled threats, and another informing me they are not going to do any other remedial work that was not submitted on the original inspection sheet.

          I know this all sound like a one off bad experience, but be warned, this is not an isolated case of poor workmanship and indifference towards the customer, if you do intend to buy a house, knock on people's doors (especially in Armadale) and ask the people that mistakenly bought one, what they really think.


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            Sorry to hear about your experiences - certainly I would expect Manorlane (as with any other developer) to ensure a new build property had any defects reasonably fixed within the first two years of the property being built, as per the NHBC guarantee.

            However, if the property is more than 24 months old then certainly Manorlane (and any other developer) would make any such corrections on a purely discretionary basis.

            Do you have any further information on the problems you're experiencing, both with the property, as well as the customer experience?


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              The West Lothian Courier and Herald published on Thursday 26th July 2007, will be running an article about the appalling lack of Customer Service. This article has not been instigated by myself, but another unlucky individual.


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                Hm...I can't find a website online for them - shame I'm not in the area, either, as that means the article may be somewhat inaccessible. If you learn of an internet copy that would be great.


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                  If I manage to get a copy, I will scan it and post as a "jpg"


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                    No problem.


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                      Shocking company.

                      Bought a house in Armadale as well, Kitchen not finished and we've been in for FOUR weeks now, and all we get is lies.

                      Try working round that with a 8 month old, but they've got my money, so they're not bothering.

                      Some things on my big list.

                      Front door window unit failed and leaking -
                      Sink not fixed down, water soaking cabinet underneath -
                      Paintwork is a joke but been told thats the way the cookie crumbles -
                      Mastic done by a 3 year old (where it has been done!!)
                      Damaged doors

                      Infact, too many things to mention, but hee haw getting done.

                      Dont go near this company, a friggin joke!!


                      Been told that my Kitchen isn't finished because Manorlane haven't paid the company who installed it.
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                          Brian, here are links to newspaper copy, they should substantiate the points on here about how bad Manorlane really are.



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                            Thanks for that.

                            I've blogged about it here:

                            Unfortunately, I think the sort of problems Manorlane customers are experiencing are pretty common with any major house builder I can think of.

                            It seems that the main issue relates to sub-contractors - I can't think of any significant builder in Scotland I couldn't find similar new build problems with.

                            Usually the issues are minor, but there are always those few really unlucky ones who have major problems with their property.

                            I'm living in a new build Barratts which has had a failed boiler, poorly fitted double glazing, and last week the bathroom leaked through the downstairs ceiling due to an incorrectly connected waste pipe.
                            Before then I rented in a Betts home that had a string of issues, but luckily only minor.

                            I have a friend who moved into a Redrow home earlier this year - just after having an expensive laminate flooring installed, had the downstairs flooded by a broken water main.

                            All in all, the NHBC guarantee should ensure all such issues are fixed - and any reputable company will see these addressed relatively quickly.

                            The unfortunate problem is that these issues ever exist in the first place.

                            I've actually just advised that people buying new build properties actually delay moving in until they've had time to inspect the property and ensure that it's reasonably free of defects before moving in. From my own experiences, and from observation of new build developments, it actually seems a good idea.


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                              I think I would favour of the bias towards the Developer being removed altogether. Being told, what we have to do, and when we have to do it, is quite annoying. You would not stand for a Car Dealer doing that, so why do we take from Developers.

                              One other thing, it is about time the government got it's act together and covered a new house under the sale of goods act.