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Manorlane at Saviile Row

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  • Manorlane at Saviile Row

    Hi. I have recently heard of a development in North Lanarkshire
    which I am interested in. In looking at the website for Manorlane it is not
    clear as to what area the development of Saville row is actually situated

    The website for Saville Row only states that the development is "near to"
    the town of Motherwell.

    "NEAR TO"!!

    Out of interest could you oblige and clarify what town/area Saville Row is
    actually situated in and the postal code that will be utilised for the
    development once completed.

    I have attempted to gain information from Manorlane Homes direct however
    they seem to be quite reluctant to give me information as to post code, town
    or area information. When asked as to why they advertise the development as
    "near to Motherwell" and the fact that why don't they just advertise it for
    the actual area it is actually situated in I received a somewhat hostile
    reply but was still left with my question un answered.

    One concern that also intrigues me is they advertise the house prices for
    the development which is "near to Motherwell", however do these prices
    really show a true reflection of the area Saville Row is actually situated
    in which friends have told me is "Wishaw"?!

    Friends have also told me that Saville Row is in Motherwell. Others have
    said it is part of Wishaw. Area's such have Craigneuk, Flemington and Etna
    have also been mentioned.

    I would be obliged if someone could clarify for me.

    This information would be beneficial when making enquiries in to local
    schooling and other local amenities.

    Thanks. Mr Smith

    I look forward to your reply

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    Manorlane at Saviile Row

    The area should actually be regarded as Craignuek which is on the way to Wishaw/Netherton from Motherwell. The whole area is part of a massive regeneration from the old Ravenscraig Steelworks. It's not far from the centre of Motherwell though....


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      I'm surprised you've had problems Mr Smith - normally Manorlane are happy to discuss their developments, so I'm confused by the suggestion they want to keep their developments secret!

      It may be worth contacting the sales office again, and telling them that you're posting on Homemove - not as a threat, but because Manorlane already know about the forums here, and have responded positively to concerns before.

      Hope that helps.


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        Thanks for you reply. I have since contacted Manorlane again. Still to this day they don't like providing an explanation as to why they advertise the development as "near to Motherwell" and not the area it is actually situated in.
        They did however provide three possible postcodes for the full development. These are (ML2 7WH/7WN/7WJ).
        I also contacted Central Scotland New Homes to make enquiries. All they could provide with regard to my points was a postcode (ML2 7XA), this clearly different to the three quoted by Manorlane.
        Again, there is no clear indication as to the actual area "Saville Row" is situated in.

        I have also contacted North Lanarkshire Council with the same query. Expecting them to have more knowledge as to what is going on in their own area I have yet to receive feedback and that query was put to them almost 2 weeks ago.

        Who Knows?! What is the big secret?!


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          A very polite warning to you.

          You should think very long and hard before you buy a house from this company.

          You can ask anyone from the estate I am on, what they think of this company....

          Please, please, please think very hard about your choices... I wish I had


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            Would you be able to elaborate EnglishWolf on the issues you have had with Manorlane as I am in a position where I might consider buying a Manorlane home and would be keen to hear about any issues you've had.


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              If you have another option, then stay away from them. You can approach anyone who has a Manorlane home. They will tell you the same thing, the company is a joke. We have an 18 month old Kingly and there is not a single room finished. We have no carpets on the stairs because they took it up to fix the stairs to the walls, that was 6 months ago. They took the lounge apart 12 months ago to fix walls that were not plumb, we ase still waiting for them to finish.

              I urge you to choose a different builder. Do not waste your money on a dream, because Manorlane will take your money and shatter your life.

              The problems we have with our home are not a one off, ask anyone on the Liberty Row site.