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Would a loft extension reduce the value of the property underneath?

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  • Would a loft extension reduce the value of the property underneath?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I really hope someone out there can help me or point me in the right direction of someone that can.

    The History (just in case it helps)

    I bought my flat back in 2005, the flat is one of two flats in a converted semi detached house. The property is situated right in the centre of a multi cultural area and this area is also popular with Uni students. The area is mainly rentals but also a high percentage of owner/occupied.
    The Freehold is dived equally between myself and the upstairs neighbours 50/50

    Both flats are two bedroom, Mine is the ground floor garden flat.

    Approx 4 years ago whilst I was living abroad my upstairs neighbours the joint freeholders extended up into their roof adding two extra bedrooms and one extra bathroom, during this build they also added a new combi boiler doing away with their old gravity fed water tank.

    The Present

    I'm an easy going person and even though I knew that as 50% freeholder they should have asked my permission to do the alterations to the building I was quite happy with them as neighbours and I didn't want to cause a fuss.
    They are now selling and what I'm worried about is that these houses aren't the most soundproofed and I can hear every footstep, door closing and even conversation upstairs. Simply put these houses weren't designed to be multi storey rentals.

    My question is, if this is sold to a landlord that only has interest in renting it out am I entitled to any compensation from the current owners as I never agreed to the extension and has this extension had any effect on the price or desirability of my property.

    Oh BTW I mentioned the combi boiler because we share one stop cock and water supply and when I use my water downstairs then it basically cuts of supply to their flat.

    many thanks for reading this

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    Re: Would a loft extension reduce the value of the property underneath?

    Hi Tony,

    Sounds to me like they didn't get any planning permissions as they have to ask as you are in the same freehold. If they new buyers put in for a mortgage the valuer will check any building regulations for the conversion as they will have to be listed on the original plans and they would have changed. They will inform the lender who will refuse lending. If i were you i would check with your local town hall discretely and see what the plans say for the property. As with you hearing the noise so will any potential buyers of your property which could force you to reduce your price to sell or spend money on sound proofing to keep the noise down

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