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Property Mentor - thumbs-up or not?

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  • Property Mentor - thumbs-up or not?

    I am very keen to get involved in property investment and recently attended a two hour "taster session" hosted by Property Mentor (allegedly the UK's #1 property investment education company).

    The taster session basically explained what is covered during the two day workshop which the company hosts every month, and it all sounded very appealing. This two-day course is unfortunately rather expensive (around 5,000 pound) so before I take the plunge I need to make sure it really justifies the cash and am really hoping to get feedback from people who have actually done the course.

    Is it worth it? Or can you just learn everything they teach from buying self-help investment books (and let's face it there are loads available). Are there any courses in the UK you'd rather suggest?

    Your reply will be very much appreciated.


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    I don't know the company, but I'm be extremely cynical at someone trying to charge me £5,000 for "secrets", when much of it is simply about researching and knowing your local market.

    A company that charges a lot for "education" could be said to be in the business of selling information, without any need whatsoever for this information to contain the detail that you need.

    Additionally, in the property game, it seems that everyone is a player, so I'd be additionally suspicious that at the end you'd end up paying £5k for common sense generic information, and then set yourself up as a target for having "qualified leads" pushed your ways, for a commission, of course.

    Perhaps this company does not act this way - like I said, I'm not familiar with them - but it's worth asking what they can teach you that you cannot easily learn yourself.


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      Thanks Brian. To be honest I have started reaching much the same conclusion myself. I guess why it appealed was because it seemed like they had condensed stacks of information into two days worth of sessions. But for 5k I agree that I am better off going at it alone and bouncing ideas of seasoned investors in this forum.


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        all these courses are a waste of money. do your own research on the net and you'll probably find out just as much

        5k for property secrets? its a bit like these courses that promise to make you a millionaire in six months


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          Re: Property Mentor - thumbs-up or not?

          Did they really say it was only a weekend or did they say the monthly mentoring training workshops were included ? We are having a lot of trouble with them at the moment and we want to know as much as possible about what they promised for that kind of money!